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Although everyones body reacts differently to each birth control, i thought i would still share my experience. i had a really bad experience on lutera, so my pcp prescribed me avelox. she explained that it is absorbed through my blood verses the lutera which was absorbing through my stomach (if that makes any sense). none the less, i agreed to try it and cannot be any happier! i have been taking it for about a week now and have no side effects as of now! it is super, just insert and once its in, you cannot feel a thing. i am so happy with experience, that i had to share! hope this be useful to someone! by hai from hagerman, nm
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I find avelox very effective and comforting as use as a pain reliever. i have been on morphine, percoset, vicoden etc, infact i grew an opiate addiction. i did not intend to shed my narcotics for a drug that is supposed to "not carry a high/ or euphoric effect" i was wanting to keep that feeling, yet still i was never really pain free. i could not function on a daily basis with the amount of pain i was in. my dr. recently switched me to avelox, and i am so relieved. it is very effective. by rey from topping, va
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