Gone Troopy is a site for those people into camping, 4WDing, fishing and just generally looking to explore the remote and more isolated parts of Australia. With young families or a partner you’re trying to entice to go camping, you want to know the location you are heading to is nothing but fantastic. Something for the kids, Mum and Dad!

We have a young family of four and constantly frustrated by how difficult it is to get good information about camping destinations and key elements to explore and take advantage of while there. It’s enough to send one Troopy!

We’ve owned our Troopy for 14 years and love the places we get away to in it. Over that time we’ve done small enhancements to suit our camping style, but in a way that doesn’t involve throwing thousands of dollars away. We’ll look to share some of the simple enhacements that have made a huge difference to our levels of enjoyment when camping and some of the great locations we’ve seen along the way. We’re aiming to add new content every fortnight.

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